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About Us

Graphic Studio Dublin & Graphic Studio Gallery were established to provide studios, promote printmaking and to exhibit and sell fine art prints.


Graphic Studio Dublin, Fine Art Printmakers, was established in 1960 to teach traditional printmaking skills (then unavailable in Irish art colleges), and to provide studios and technical assistance to artists to make fine art prints. Its five founders were Patrick Hickey, Leslie MacWeeney, Liam Miller, Elizabeth Rivers and Anne Yeats. Since 2007 the studios are housed in a stunning converted granary building: Distillery House, North Circular Road, Dublin 1.

Its gallery, Graphic Studio Gallery, opened in 1988 in Cope Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 and has become an essential cultural feature of the city and is Dublin's oldest exclusive fine art print gallery. The Gallery was established to promote fine-art printmaking in Ireland and abroad, to educate the public about fine art printmaking, and to exhibit and sell fine art prints on behalf of our studio members and gallery artists. It showcases up to 11 national and international fine art print exhibitions annually, as well as hosting talks and print demonstrations.

Graphic Studio Dublin facilitates the following print techniques: etching, lithography, linocut, drypoint, carborundum, woodblock, aquatint, photo etching, blind embossing, collography and mezzotint. Technical assistance and education of artist members in the above printmaking techniques is core to our ethos.

The Visiting Artists programme, operated by Graphic Studio Dublin has made one of the most important contributions to the development of Irish printmaking over the last ten years. Under this scheme, artists such as Donald Teskey, William Crozier, Hughie O'Donohue, Tony O'Malley among others who have little or no experience of printmaking, but are renowned in their own right as artists are invited to work with a trained technician to produce an edition of prints to showcase at the gallery.

Graphic Studio Dublin is managed as a non-profit agency as follows:

GSD Members

GSD Board Members:
- Jean Bardon (artist)
- Nicola Morrin (artist)
- Dermot Ryan (artist)
- Elke Thönnes (artist) Chairman
- Christopher Curran
- Grainne Cuffe (artist)

Studio Director:
Robert Russell

Gallery Manager:
Peter Brennan
Book Keeper:
Eilis Murphy

Studio Assistant:
Mary Plunkett

Company Information

Alchemiser Ltd. T/A Graphic Studio Dublin

Company No. 84785

Charity No. CHY 9124

VAT No. IE 4628357 F

Governance Information
Graphic Studio Gallery is part of Graphic Studio Dublin

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