Cristina Ciampaglione

is an Italian artist and Arts Professional residing in Ireland, a member of the Graphic Studio Dublin since 2022, who has a keen interest in all aspects related to the world of arts and culture.
Her educational journey through the Fine Arts Academy in Rome has provided her with a strong foundation in visual arts and a profound understanding of its nuances. Over the past eight years, Cristina has also mastered her skills in Art Management, obtaining an MA in Arts Management in Rome, and pursuing postgraduate courses in Cultural Event Management and Creative and cultural Entrepreneurship in Dublin. Throughout this time, she has also conceived and delivered numerous arts and cultural projects in Ireland and Italy.
Artist Statement
Cristina Ciampaglione’s artistic practice is a reflection of her life experiences and her deep connection with the world around her. Her work delves into the realms of emotional, mental, and psychological states, challenging societal norms, fear, and the unspoken rules that have shaped our identities and behaviors.
Her extensive engagement with the world of arts and culture, spanning eight years now, extends beyond her role as an artist. She enjoys her role in designing and bringing to life artistic events, and curating exhibitions, festivals, and Street Art projects.