Camilla Fanning

Camilla Fanning artists practice includes fine art intaglio printmaking & digital media, with a focus on audio and immersive sound pieces.  She engages with themes of perception, the dichotomy between what is and what we believe; she is interested in shared memory (inaccurate), and the dissonance and ambiguity that exists between the recorded and the tangible of the landscape. In the difference between what we know and what we admit. She regularly exhibits fine art print and digital works. Including a stereo version of Sunlight on Water’ for Catalyst Audio Tracks, Belfast;  the sound installation ‘Over here’ in the Solstice Art Centre; the soundwalk WORDSTEPS  Public Commission for Waterways Ireland and print in the Royal Academy Summer Show, Zillah Bell & Bankside London. Her work has been exhibited in Ireland, Norway the UK and New York, and has been included in several curated exhibitions.  It is held in the Archives of the Botanic Gardens Dublin and the Graphic Studio Dublin, as well as in private collections in Ireland, the UK, Austria and New Zealand.  She has studied in Dublin, New York and Berlin, and worked in Milan and London.