Paul Fitters

Paul Fitters was born in Vlijmen, The Netherlands in 1965. He studied Horticulture at the Agricultural University Wageningen and came to Ireland in 1994. He currently works as a Horticultural lecturer in the Teagasc, College of Amenity Horticulture in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.

Paul attended various evening classes at the National College of Art and Design. In 2003 he achieved a certificate in Drawing and Visual Investigation at the NCAD (first class honours). Paul became a full-time member of the Graphic Studio Dublin in 2010. His interest and background are reflected in his art where plants, insects and the National Botanic Gardens often feature.

Since joining the Graphic Studio, Paul has shown work in most group exhibitions in the Graphic Studio Gallery as well as in Farmleigh (2011) and the National Botanic Gardens (A natural selection, 2014). Paul’s print (Philodendron sp.) was featured in the Irish Arts review (winter’13-’14) which mentions that “Viewed from below, the plant’s bold shapes, rich colours and textures are set against the soaring curves of the Palm House’s cast iron frames”.
Paul has featured on Nationwide (Nov 2017) talking about his art and how his workplace provides him with endless inspiration.