Brian Gormley

Brian Gormley was born in New York City, both his fathers parents and grandparents were both Irish and although he is technically an American citizen, he spends a lot of time living in Dublin and regards himself as a well-travelled citizen of the world. His paintings have featured in the past in Irish exhibitions at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham (1989), the Wyvern Gallery (1994) and Expo (1996) at the Royal Dublin Society (1996), via the Anya Van Gosselin Gallery. His show at Hillsboro Fine Art in Dublin this year is his first solo show here. He has also exhibited regularly in New York City and as far afield as Vienna, Prague, Zurich, Rome and Mexico City.

He is now an is an internationally exhibited American painter living and working in both in Ireland and Pennsylvania; his hybrid works are greatly influenced by the abstract expressionist and graffiti art movement.