Mary Grey

Mary Grey b.1948, Dublin

Mary Grey graduated with a BA from UCD in 1972, and from The Froebel College in 1979. She retired from her job as a primary teacher in 2005. In 2000 she started attending evening and weekend classes and summer courses at NCAD, IADT, NGI, TCD, DCG, SCD as well as local VEC, Skerries Mills and Village Art Gallery classes. These classes were in Drawing, Watercolour, Acrylic and Oil Painting, Photography, and Irish Art History. Her work has been included in exhibitions at the Village Art Gallery, Skerries, and Skerries Mills. After being introduced to print in 2008, Mary attended a summer printmaking course in NCAD. She then did a series of etching classes and a lithography class in Graphic Studio Dublin. She continues to attend studio classes in various methods of printmaking. Her work is inspired by nature and her surroundings.
She joined Graphic Studio Dublin in 2009.

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
2017 Winter Exhibition
2017 Summer Show
2016 Winter Exhibition
2016 Urbis Felicitas
2016 Summer Show
2016 Waterbased
2015 Winter Exhibition
2015 Summer Ensemble
2014 Winter Exhibition – Celebrating Tradition
2014 Summer Show
2013 Winter Exhibition
2013 Strumpet City
2012 Winter Exhibition
2012 Summer Show
2011 Winter Exhibition
2011 Summer Show
2010 Little Christmas
2010 Summer Show
2010 Gold 50th Anniversary Exhibition

Past Graphic Studio Dublin Exhibitions
2017 Another bite of the cherry – National Botanic Gardens
2016 Glór in Ennis
2016 Galway – In association with Galway Printmakers
2013 A Natural Selection at the National Botanic Gardens
2010 Home at Draíocht – 50th Anniversary Show
2010 Gold at the Galway Arts Festival
2010 Golden Anniversary Exhibition at Farmleigh Gallery