Susan Mannion

full-time visual artist and curator living in Boyle, Ireland, specialises in wood engraving and enamelling. Susan created lino and woodcut prints before discovering the intricate world of wood engraving. Susan is passionate about printing and enamelling, influenced by landscape and patterns in nature, her work evolving from observed detail captured and transferred onto the block or copper surface creating intricate thread-like lines and fine textural incisions to create an atmospheric, surreal asthetic, distilling a sense of place, time and memory.

Susan’s work is abstracted from the environment around her and strongly influenced by her emotional connection to the landscape as seen in her exhibitions A Raid Into Dark Corners and Letting in the Light. Susan has exhibited internationally and at the R.A., R.H.A. and R.U.A. and awarded a residency in Japan to intensively study Japanese woodcut. The collaborative aspect of Susan’s work has led to working partnerships with musicans, poets and writers resulting in album covers and illustrations.

Susan is a former curator for Mayo County and Craigavon Borough Councils and teaching assistant at Queen’s University, Belfast. Susan has attained BSc, MSSc, PhD, certificates and diplomas. Susan has been a member of the Graphic Studio since 2012.