Josie McMorrin

Prior to moving to Dublin in 1998 Josie McMorrin lived and worked in Scotland. After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art (1975) in drawing and painting she taught art at the secondary school level, exhibited work through the Society of Scottish Artists and continued to show paintings in various galleries and group shows.      The move to Dublin brought with its work in Marino College CDVEC and involvement with the Five Lamps Arts Festival culminating in a solo show (Sidetracked) an exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints.( 2014).         Her work is both expressive and representational and based on drawing from life, in recent years mainly from the natural environment, seeking to emphasize and isolate shape, line, pattern and texture from the subject matter to evoke mood, atmosphere and movement.   After attending etching courses in the Graphic Studio and subsequently joining the studio in 2017, Josie is enjoying rediscovering the printmaking process. Recent work was shown in 2017/ Impressions Biennale, Galway Arts Festival / Graphic Studio Summer and Winter Shows/ Hotpress 20:20 Print Exchange.