Aoife Scott

Aoife Scott is a Dublin based visual artist. In 2013 she graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin with an honours degree in Fine Art Print and Visual Culture. Upon graduating Aoife received The Graphic Studio Dublin ‘Graduate Award’ and The Printmaker’s Gallery ‘Purchase Award’. She is currently a full time member of Graphic Studio Dublin, exhibiting with their gallery in Temple Bar along with other galleries such as So Fine Art Editions, The Cross Gallery and the Royal Hibernian Academy

Aoife’s practice is concerned with the exploration and appreciation of the fragments and remnants of the past. Through her interest in the derelict and the abandoned, she has become intrigued, not just by the space, but with the debris within. The sense of history and the memories that these structures hold is something that constantly nurtures her imagination.
Through her research Aoife has uncovered and expanded on the stories and memories from the forgotten spaces, trying to make sense of and create something from the ruins. Through the printing process, the objects and emotions of the past are solidified and preserved.
In her most recent work, Aoife is overlaying and abstracting her subject matter with colour, form and reductive mark making. She breathes new life and a sense of joy or playfulness into old structures whilst keeping them as her building blocks and maintaining the echoes of the past.