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DESIGN WEEK 2011 - 1st November - 5th November

Brainbelt Illustration Collective

Brainbelt Illustration Collective is a diverse network of 13 creative professional artists and designers who bear a heartfelt passion for illustration. The group's visual disciplines vary: sculpture, print design, motion design, multimedia and photography.

As part of Design Week 2011, Brainbelt Illustration Collective will showcase some of their work here in Graphic Studio Gallery.

The group launched in November 2009, having its inaugural show in the Back Loft Gallery with great success. As part of Design Week 2010, it held another exhibition, in the Centre For Creative Practices, on Fitzwilliam Square.

Each artist joyfully steps outside their normal working practice to create novel pieces of an illustrative nature. The exhibition promises to be a unique visual treat

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