Home Edition

Preserving your organisation‘s creative culture remotely can be achieved by delivering your staff not just desk, seat, computer – but art for their working environment. Research has shown that the physical work environment contributes to creativity, team working and problem solving. Brand unity in a remote space can also be achieved through visual art consistency on Zoom and other video call platforms. Graphic Studio Dublin can help you to retain and nurture creative culture by providing prints for home wall spaces. 

Fine art prints are produced as an edition, so the price can be significantly lower than other original artforms. However, this does not mean you need to compromise on the quality of the work you buy or commission for your staff or clients. Graphic Studio Dublin has worked successfully with corporate partners on many fine art print commissions, including Mason Hayes and Curran and IPUT. Our partnership with Behaviour and Attitudes, an award-winning relationship, has been running for over 30 years. We have the expertise and knowledge to create Fine Art Prints of outstanding quality. We look forward to working on The Home Edition with you.

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