An original fine art print is a work that an artist has conceived to be a print – that is to say that the artist sets out to create an image in print. They are not seeking to reproduce or exactly copy an image that already exits in another medium.

At Graphic Studio Gallery we promote, exhibit and sell original fine art prints. If you’re looking for reproductions, or copies of artworks, I’m afraid we can’t help. We only sell originals.  For artists, printmaking provides forms of depiction, and expression not possible in other mediums, with printmaking techniques often being combined to create a plethora of possible outcomes.

Our prints are made by the artist, working on their own, or with the assistance of a master printer, by creating an image on a plate, block, stone or screen.  This surface is inked and, through the application of pressure, the image is transferred to paper or another material to produce the print.  Typically, a number of plates are used to achieve the different colours and textures needed to achieve the artist’s idea. As the plates can be inked and used again, a number of images can be produced, each one an original work by the artist. In most cases the artist will produce a limited edition of prints and, once pulled, will sign and number the prints.

The main classifications of original prints are Intaglio, Relief and Planographic. Learn more about these different printmaking techniques.

Because prints are produced in editions, the price point is usually lower than that of other original artforms, which makes them more affordable. There is no need to compromise on the quality of the work that is sought, instead the work of the artist is simply in a medium that is different – not inferior, but less expensive to acquire! Most of our prints are less then €500 and few are more than €2,000, making it possible to have incredible art in your home, or place of work.

As well as being an essential element of museum collecting, prints are widely purchased by companies, frequently making up the bulk of corporate collections.