Sponsors’ Portfolios

  • seamus
    Seamus Heaney
  • jane
    Jane O’Malley
  • thomkin
    Thomas Kinsella
  • Seán McSweeney
    Seán McSweeney
  • roddy
    Roddy Doyle
  • dont
    Donald Teskey
  • johnb
    John Banville
  • diana
    Diana Copperwhite
  • theod
    Theo Dorgan
  • martgale
    Martin Gale
  • namingstars
    Jennifer Johnston
  • colindavid
    Colin Davidson
  • Paula_Meehan_150dpi
    Paula Meehan
  • Mary_Lohan_150dpi
    Mary Lohan
  • ColmToibinPortfolio
    Colm Tóibín
  • Sky I, carborundum, ed of 75, available
    Gwen O’Dowd
  • Paul+Muldoon+Sponsors
    Paul Muldoon
  • Maser_sponsors_web

For each portfolio we commission one Irish writer, and four visual artists, to each create a unique piece of work, in the form of a fine art print.

The genesis for the publications came from our early years as a studio, when from 1962 to 1979 we published a collection of loose works entitled Sponsors’ Portfolios, containing art and literature by writers and artists from Ireland and internationally.  Their purchase, helped fund our studio, alongside our grant from the Arts Council of Ireland.

We re-launched this fund-raising project in 2010 as part of our 50th anniversary, focusing on writers and artists from Ireland, or working here, and committed to publishing the project for 10 years (2010-2019). The National Gallery of Ireland and The National Library of Ireland are collecting the series, and The British Library recently announced their commitment to the project in their blog.

The portfolios are made in a limited edition of 75, and presented in a slipcase made by Ryder & Co. (box maker to the Queen of England, using acid free archival material).  Each portfolio contains 5 works (1 text and 4 fine art prints) that are signed and numbered by the artist, with a large sheet size of 46 x 38cm. The works in the portfolios are only available as a complete set, priced at €750 per portfolio.

The writers to date include Seamus Heaney, John Banville, Colm Tóibín, Jennifer Johnston, Roddy Doyle, Theo Dorgan, Paula Meehan, Thomas Kinsella and Paul Muldoon.

The commissioned visual artists, are a combination of our own members and established visiting artists, who were either born in Ireland, (and may live elsewhere), or are from overseas, but are now working in Ireland.

About Sponsors Portfolios


 The Sponsors Portfolio project showcases acclaimed Irish writers alongside contemporary art